Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sanbarrow's VMware-liveCD

Ulli Hankeln over at Sanbarrow created a new version of the VMware-liveCD this version contains:

-Workstation 6.0.2 ripped
-Converter 3.0.3 cold clone mode
-ViClient for ESX 3.5.0 u1
-Virtual Disk Developement Kit
-ViToolkit for Powershell

The complete build is about 450 MB - it requires a box with at least 512 MB RAM to load the dotnet2 apps. Latest MOA 2.3.-011 now allows to run ESX 35i in WS 6.5. beta 91182. In this case the ESX 35i is running from the LiveCD - you can of course mount any local VMFS-volumes and assign them to the ESX 35i. Obviously you need a fat machine to run this LiveCD Of course it still works as a simple Cold Clone CD .


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