Monday, March 9, 2009

View Designing

When doing a design for a View Architecture there are a lot of things to think about in difference areas, the following rules are general and can be used for doing the View design.

The following design specifications will be observed when designing the View Composer architecture:

•Every View partition with View Composer desktops requires that View Composer is installed on that container’s vCenter Server system
•Maximum of eight ESX/ESXi hosts per View Composer cluster
•Maximum of 500 vClones (linked clones) per Parent VM replica; this is a good practice for recompose/refresh operations
•Maximum of three 500 VM clusters per View container; this is to stay clear of the 2,000 VM limit in vCenter Server 2.5
•Maximum of 64 linked clones per datastore

There are a lot of other objects to observe, i will try to write them down here in the future.

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