Friday, February 27, 2015

Atlantis USX 2.2 Released

Atlantis USX is a software solution that accelerates performance and consolidates storage, increasing effective storage capacity to support running server workloads such as business-critical applications. USX builds on proven Atlantis compression, caching, deduplication, and tiering capabilities to provide a dramatically reduced storage footprint and improved performance, including built-in high availability. USX satisfies the storage requirements demanded by server workloads, removing the constraints of traditional storage.
With the new release the following new features came available.
  • XenServer – USX now supports Citrix XenServer. XenServer can use any of the USX volume types. USX configuration, deployment, and management is the same for all platforms.
  • New volume types:
    • The Hyper-Converged volume type supports server or VDI workloads and consumes only
      local resources. Hyper-Converged volumes are associated with an Infrastructure volume that
      provides shared storage so that the Hyper-Converged volume can migrate before entering
      maintenance mode even though the Hyper-Converged volume uses only local resources.
    • The Simple All Flash volume type supports persistent VDI deployments and enables you to
      use flash for both performance and capacity.
  • Maintenance mode – A host can be placed into maintenance mode from the new Hypervisors Management screen in the USX GUI.
  • Volume power operations and reboots can be performed from the Manage Volumes screen.
  • LDAP authentication – Use the new LDAP Authentication screen to bind to an LDAP server so that members of a specified LDAP group can log into USX.
  • Tree hierarchies are implemented for the display of datacenters, clusters, and hypervisors.
  • SNMP configuration – A new document, Atlantis USX SNMP Configuration, provides a listing of the USX MIB and information about configuring USX to communicate with an SNMP trap host.
Atlantis USX 2.2 is now available in the download portal

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