Thursday, June 12, 2008

Turn off debug in VMWare 6.5beta (windows)

I’m playing with VMWare workstation 6.5beta(build-91182) and was looking to do some advanced configurations, specifically running ESX 3.5U1 , therefore i was interested in maximum performance to squeak out as much out of my laptop….

A couple things i found out really quick 1) set the Virtualization setting in your systems BIOS if you have one. My core duo did , my centrino did not. This speeded things up considerably, i’d say by a factor of 10.

2) The VMWare workstation process wants to run VM’s with the vmware-vmx-debug binary, and it indicates that you must live with this. Upon closer inspection in the application directory (C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation) I found vmware-vmx and its about 2MB smaller binary. So what I did was rename vmware-vmx-debug to vmware-vmx-debug-orig and then copy vmware-vmx to vmware-vmx-debug.


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