Thursday, June 12, 2008

VDM 2.1 what’s new and what are the issues

VDM 2.1 includes the following improvements and new features

  • Pools spanning datastores in order to better manage resources
  • Localization of VDM Web Access and Client for Windows in Japanese and German
  • Command line parameters for VDM Client
  • Integrate MMR multimedia extensions DLL with VDM Client (Windows XP)
  • Allow end users to change password
  • Multiple sessions per user within a pool
  • Improvements to logging
  • Allow end users to restart their VM
  • Defined process for bulk import of individual desktops
  • VDM Configuration Backup (command-line only)
  • Allow blocking of incoming RDP connections that are not from VDM Clients
  • Allow VDM administrators to set default desktop (command line only)

The latest advancements in Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 include:

  • Improved Scalability: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 can run up to 5,000 concurrent connections per cluster of Virtual Desktop Manager servers and provides enterprises the ability to scale to tens of thousands of desktop connections through the use of multiple clusters. In addition, VMware Virtual Desktop Manager enables hundreds of desktop virtual machines to be created in a single storage pool. This enhancement gives customers unparalleled scalability to extend investments in their storage systems.
  • Enhanced End User Experience: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 offers a new multi-media redirection feature for XP desktops. This feature redirects certain multi-media codecs to the local PC for rendering of full-motion video and audio.
  • Improved manageability: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 features a new transaction logging capability for improved management.
  • Expanded Support for Global Organizations: Localized versions are now available in German and Japanese, to accelerate user adoption in global organizations.

Known issues fixed in VDM 2.1

Known Issues and Restrictions in VDM 2.1

The following are known issues and restrictions for VMware VDM 2.1. The items listed in this section are links to Knowledge Base articles.

VDM Administrator

VDM Connection Server

VDM Web Access

VDM Client

USB Redirection

The USB redirection feature of VDM Client provides generic support for redirecting locally attached USB devices to the desktop virtual machine. The feature has been successfully tested with a range of devices, including printers, scanners, mass storage devices, phones and PDAs. See the KB article at the following URL for details about known issues with redirecting specific USB devices in VDM .

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