Friday, April 24, 2009

Silent install without reboot

The View client can be installed in two ways. You can do a normal GUI based install what means that you click through the installation wizard or you can do a scripted or silent installation. The silent or scripted View Client installation can be personalized with loads of MSI parameters. Some of them are standard MSI, some of them are specific.

If you need to know the parameters just start a View Client installation and search for the files vmmsi.log and vminst.log. In these installation logfiles you can also find the MSI parameters used during the installation. If you want to suppress the system reboot after the View Client silent installation you could try to use the MSI parameter /norestart but it will not work. To suppress the reboot with the View Client you need to the the option: RebootYesNo.

(Screenhost from the vmmsi.log file)

To suppress the reboot after the View Client installation start the silent installation of the View Client like shown below:

VMware-viewclient-{3.x.x-xxxxxx}.exe /s /v /qn RebootYesNo="No"

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