Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adding AD domain to vCenter 5.1

With the new vSphere 5.1 release, authentication can be done with local accounts and additional sources from existing authentication sources. When adding additional sources, one of the possibility to add Active Directory as a authentication resource.

In the following sample an environment will be added to the vCenter environment which contains a single domain controller.

The main configuration settings which must be set are the Primary server URL, which is the ldap source. In this sample a IP adress is used, but a FQDN will work to. The second configuration setting which have to be made is the Domain name of the active directory.

The last configuration is the authentication type. When using the Password type a UPN name of an administrative account and password will do.

Adding Users and/or Groups
After preparing the vCenter configuration for SSO, the user or groups can be added and given permission for using the vCenter environment.

Assigning Roles
After selecting the needed users or groups a role can be assigned to the selected user and/or group.

After hitting the OK button the user and/or groups are given the selected role within the vCenter environment.

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