Saturday, February 9, 2013

Removing vCenter Extensions

Many different products that provide additional functionality within a vSphere environment, use the registration method within the vCenter Server. These so-called vCenter Extension used for integration. This may sometimes happen that a new installation of the product must be carried out where the vCenter Extension not properly removed. These vCenter Extensions can also be manually removed.

To remove a vCenter Extensions, go to the URL:

https:// //mob/?moid=ExtensionManager

Here, an overview is given of the present Extensions.

Select the Extension that needs to be removed and select Unregister Extension.

In the opened window, the name of the Extension need to be filed. For example com.vmware.vShieldManager to remove the Extension of the vShield Manager software. Then select the option Invoke Method to the registration within the vCenter Extension Services to remove the Extension.

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